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Industrial Relations and Employment Law

Industrial relations and employment law goes to the heart of how we manage our industries, our organisations and our people. It covers a vast array of issues that need to be understood and dealt with every day - from complex industry matters through to workplace change.

There's a need for lawyers with depth of experience in both industrial relations and employment law - people who can represent you in a difficult industrial dispute one day and give practical advice on being a good employer and avoiding litigation the next.

Building on this quality of experience, our philosophy is simple - our approach straightforward. It is to cut through the complexity, understand the problem and find the best outcome for the client.

Focus areas include:

  • negotiation and enforcement of industrial agreements and awards
  • occupational health and safety, discrimination, workers' compensation and superannuation
  • employment contracts
  • defending prosecutions under industrial legislation
  • resolving industrial disputes including civil actions relating to union conduct
  • advising on wage fixing principles and practice

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