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Dispute Resolution and Litigation

Commercial disputes are a reality of business life. Invariably they're costly and divert management from core business activity. Even when the dispute is won through litigation, it can be at a very high cost.

Litigation may not be the only way to resolve a dispute and clients need to be aware when alternative processes should be considered.

Our approach is first to understand clients' objectives and assess the resources needed to commit to achieving a resolution. Together, we consider the issues to help them understand the options - their consequences and costs and then plan a course of action.

Dispute resolution processes have one thing in common. At an appointed time, the team of client and lawyers must present their case to a third party or an opponent. This is when lawyers' communication, teamwork and project management are critical, especially in cases requiring special resources and expertise to manage complex, technical issues.

Litigation and dispute resolution services mirror all the firm's practice areas.

We also have particular experience in:

  • product liability
  • intellectual property
  • unfair business practices
  • administrative law (government powers, royal commissions, ICAC)

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