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About the Firm

Toomey Pegg is a commercial law firm providing clear, timely and relevant legal advice to its clients.

We have sought to build our practice in response to three fundamentals: a commercial focus, our personal values, and a commitment to our clients and their need for high calibre professional assistance.

We recognise, in a complex society, that professional services must be provided in a manner which responds to the needs of those for whom we act. By acknowledging this, we aim to achieve optimal results for our clients, in a way which expresses our values and respects those involved in the professional relationship.

We consider strategic thinking and considered advice to be of the utmost importance.

As we continue to build our practice, we hold to our original commitment – to offer clients the highest quality advice and representation, with personal attention from partners and our professional team.

Our People

Andrew Loel
Andrew Loel
Dispute Resolution and Litigation, Insolvency
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